Top 5 Best MBOX to EML Converter Tools in 2024

In this article, we listed the top best tools to convert MBOX file to EML format. Finding a reliable method is a difficult task. We surfed the internet and found the top 5 best MBOX to EML Converter software. These will help you easily export mailbox data into EML file format. Go through these options and choose a reliable tool as per your needs.

There are many MBOX to EML Converter software available. It is quite confusing to choose the solutions which are reliable and safe. Here, we have researched and listed the 5 best MBOX to EML converters among the various options. All these software are tried and tested by experts and are explained here. Keep scrolling to choose the best one for you. This blog post will let you discover the perfect MBOX to EML converter with its most important key features.

Top 5 Best MBOX to EML Converter for Windows

Here is the list of the top 5 best MBOX to EML Converter tools of 2024. Check out some of the perfect tools for MBOX to EML conversion with their key features.

1. Advik MBOX to EML Converter

Our best choice for exporting MBOX to EML is the Advik MBOX to EML Converter. This tool has received positive feedback from many users to export multiple MBOX files into EML format easily. The best feature of using this tool is that maintains the mailbox folder structure and reserves email properties as well.

Try it if you have so many MBOX files to change it into EML format.

advik mbox to eml converter


  • Convert MBOX file to EML with attachments.
  • No MBOX file size limitation exists.
  • Export Multiple MBOX files to EML in a single process.

2. Yota MBOX Converter

It is also one of the best MBOX to EML Converter. With this tool, you can export MBOX emails to EML files in a few simple steps. The interface of this conversion tool is very simple and easy to understand. It can also convert large MBOX files to EML with all attributes of emails, headers, and attachments.



  • Free Trial Version
  • Convert MBOX File in 10+ Formats
  • Easily Convert or Migrate Large MBOX File(s)

3. Xtraxtor MBOX Converter

Another amazing tool that made this list is the Xtraxtor MBOX Converter. It is a reliable way to convert many MBOX files into EML easily. It can also convert MBOX files into various formats. Plus, there’s a free demo version that lets you convert 15 emails for free.

Xtraxtor MBOX Converter


  • Offers a simple interface for MBOX to EML conversion.
  • Date range filter option to convert emails from specific dates.
  • Email preview option to view emails before conversion.

4. BitRecover MBOX Converter Wizard

The next option to export emails from MBOX file into EML format efficiently is with BitRecover MBOX Converter Wizard. You can add multiple MBOX files at once and convert them into EML. After conversion, you can open these files on various email clients like Thunderbird, Eudora, Spicebird, and more.


Convert MBOX file to EML with 100% Accuracy
Easy-to-use interface for technical and non-technical users
Preserves MBOX file properties after conversion

5. Softaken MBOX to EML Converter

Finally at last we have Softaken MBOX to EML Converter, an amazing software to export MBOX emails to .eml format. This tool supports MBOX files created by various email clients including Gmail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

Softaken MBOX to EML Converter


Converts many MBOX file to EML format simultaneously
Ensures safe and accurate conversion, including attachments
Allows users to choose where to save converted EML files.


We cover all the details and key features of the top 5 best MBOX to EML conversion tools. Now, you must have understood which one is perfect for you. You can also use the app’s FREE demo version to test its capabilities while converting MBOX file to EML format.

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