Top 5 Best Gmail Backup Tool in 2024

Here in this post, you will find the top 5 best Gmail Backup Tool for Windows in 2024. All the software will help users to effortlessly back up Gmail emails with all the data including attachments, inline images, hyperlinks, etc. We will also focus on the prime features that will help you select the best Gmail backup tool that helps you save your emails.

Today, Gmail is one of the preferred email services worldwide. Many of users search for secure and efficient tools to backup their mailbox data. There are various tools available to backup Gmail emails. After searching and testing lots of tools we shortlisted some of the solutions for you. Here in this write-up, we will discuss the best Gmail Backup software for Windows. Let’s check them out and save your Gmail emails effortlessly.

Top 5 Best Gmail Backup Tools for Windows

Here is the list of the best software to backup emails from Gmail account with attachments.
1. Advik Gmail Backup Software
2. Xtraxtor Software
3. Yota Gmail Backup Tool
4. SysTools Gmail Backup Tool
5. Shoviv Gmail Backup Tool

Let’s discuss these solutions in detail with their prime features.

1. Advik Gmail Backup Wizard

This tool is first on our list of the best Gmail backup tools. With its robust and advance features, it is easy to backup entire Gmail mailbox data at once without any data loss. The software provides some advanced filters that help to backup only relevant data.

Features of Advik Gmail Backup Tool 

  • Batch mode that allows to backup of multiple Gmail email accounts at once.
  • Maintain email folder and sub-folder hierarchy and structure.
  • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, and all other versions.
  • Preserve email key elements and attributes while backing up.

2. Xtraxtor Gmail Backup Tool

On the second list, we have Xtraxtor Gmail Backup Wizard for Windows. This software with its simple and user-friendly interface helps to download Gmail emails locally. Moreover, there will be no data loss while backup your mailbox data.

Features of the Xtarxtor Software

  • Backup Gmail mailbox data at once without any data loss.
  • Advnace filter options – to, from, cc, bcc, name, date, time, etc.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows OS sysetm.
  • Preserve data integrity while downloading Gmail emails.

3. Yota Gmail Backup Solution

It is the secure and best tool for Windows users. This tool possesses the most simple and user-friendly interface that makes the backup process a simple task. It also allows you to view your Gmail emails before backing up in any given file fromats.

Features of Yota Backup Wizard

  • Allow users to backup Gmail emails in different file formats.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface for beginners.
  • Preserve email key elements and attributes.
  • Allow to backup select email folders only.

4. SysTools Gmail Backup Tool

Now move to another software in the list, Systools software. It is one of the best tools to save your Gmail emails without any hassle. The software offers simple and easy-to-use functions that can be used by beginners as well as professionals.

Features of SysTools Backup tool

  • Allow you to backup embedded attachments from Gmail account.
  • Option to backup Gmail emails in different saving options.
  • Download emails from different Gmail accounts at once.
  • Works on both Mac and Windows OS systems.

5. Shoviv Gmail Backup Tool

It is another best Gmail backup tool for Windows. With the help of this tool, you can easily save your Gmail emails in a few simple clicks. The utility offers various advanced features it allows you to backup selective emails from your Gmail account.

Features of Shoviv 

  • Save and export your Gmail emails to your local system with ease.
  • Capable of taking backup from multiple Gmail emails at once.
  • Works on all Windows OS versions with ease.
  • Backup complete mailbox data without affecting data integrity.


Here in this post we discuss the top 5 best Gmail Backup tools for Windows in 2024. We also mention some prominent features of those backup tools. In the above mention tool, few offer a trial version. Check out all of them and select the best software to backup your Gmail emails.

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